Come Play in the Sandbox With Me

53361408-0682-4025-A36D-D42F03CB868CI found this place on Okinawa Foodies page on Facebook and with all the rave reviews knew I had to try the place. My only fear in writing this review is that I’ll never get back in here due to the flocks of people hungry for a great burger that are bound to descend upon this place once they discover it. That’s the selfish part of me talking. The share the wealth of knowledge of deliciousness part of me caved in and has decided to share despite my fears.01D3513F-10F3-40BA-9D69-A677F1A3935B

The place is in the Chatan area a few steps from my favorite taco spot in Okinawa – Tacos Ya (review for that restaurant will be coming soonish) and across the street from a shopping complex with a San A grocery store, Chinese food restaurant, and Toyota U-Car shop. It’s a right turn from the street that curves into the sea wall just before it curves around to the water. The restaurant is on the second floor and is wood floors,tables,benches, and is open with natural light flowing in through the windows. 70B69D40-8DCD-4899-9F3E-F3EAE0C4B0ABIt had modern hanging bare lights, some huge lights that look like those old school hair dryers that ladies would sit under with curlers in their hair. 8EE51866-A1C4-48CF-941B-7EC817C315D0There’s a rustic wooden bar with 7 stools and yes, they serve alcohol for those in need of a libation. There’s free Wi-Fi as well.079E446A-DDC6-4724-A61F-02192DF9674A

The burgers are ¥1380 yen and include fries and unlimited soft drinks. The kids meal is only ¥780 and includes a cookie. I got the Sandbox burger which had cheese bacon avocado, fried and lightly breaded onions, and their special sauce which tasted slightly vinegarish with a slight chili flavor. The burger was thick and incredibly fresh. A4320DCA-8D71-4D28-B3C8-91F304E74A1EAnd the homemade grilled brioche bun was delicious, that alone would’ve been enough to make me swoon. The only downside was that it was so soft that the bottom got a tad soggy. The burgers are served with shoestring fries that were a homemade version of my shameful favorite secret addiction (McDonalds fries). I could only eat about half the burger and ⅓ of rhe fries because it was wonderfully rich and filled me up. 6ECC0DED-E21C-4DD1-B639-E8A4DD6C1E7EAlso, if I’m going to be honest here, I was saving room for one of their desserts. Hey it wouldn’t really be right for me to go to the trouble of reviewing this place and not try the dessert… I’m looking out for YOU here – it’s a purely selfless act.6DE5F4FB-D150-4770-B9F5-92AF9C38E5FA I was torn between the brownie and ice cream and the coconuts lemon tart (¥390). On the recommendation of the owner I went with the coconut lemon tart (though he did look torn, noting sadly that the tart didn’t come with ice cream). 29B0E878-34B5-4A58-B703-C1A7ABFB8958It was phenomenal just sweet enough with a beautiful lightly sweetened crust, sweet and tart lemon filling, and a thick coconut cake/crust base. Definitely the right recommendation, though I will have to return to test the brownie and ice cream as well as the umami burger with truffle oil, mushrooms, Parmesan, and Gorgonzola cheese.46D695DF-6502-4FD4-826D-2AA22F6DFE16

This place is simple yet beautiful, plays chill music (Nora Jones was serenading us in the background), has Wi-Fi for those who can’t bear to go offline, has a small but tasty menu, caters to burger lovers, fries aficionados, alcohol enthusiasts, soda swillers, and the dessert desperate and gets my two enthusiastic thumbs up.C2CC47C1-5E38-4E60-8937-224B039AD1F6

Open Tuesday – Thursday 1100-1500 and 1800-2400  Friday & Saturday 1100-1500 and 1800-0100                              Sunday 1100-1500                                                                         Closed Monday                                                                   Phone# 0989891883                                                      Facebook: Sandbox Burgers (for map/directions)                    Visa, American Express, Master Card and ¥ accepted





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