Always Say Yes To New Adventures


I’m leaving in the morning, before the sun’s light glitters and dances on the ocean waves and before the first pot of coffee has been made. No, don’t start grumbling about the inhumanity of leaving without your first cup… Bring your travel mug and we’ll get you some airport coffee, a tall adventure latte. Just rub your sleepy eyes and throw back the covers. Take my hand and join me on this adventure, you can catch up on your sleep when the plane lifts off. When you wake up we will be in a tropical paradise, or an urban cityscape, or perhaps a frozen tundra… Wait, no. No frozen tundras. I’m not a fan of frozen anything except dessert. I’ll make an exception for a snowboarding, but right now let’s just skip the refrigerated section and stick to the warmer parts of the planet. So what do you say?

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