Stowaways Welcome!

The Stowaway Coffee + Kitchen was recommended by a friend who lives in Denver and it did not disappoint. D036E056-C782-47D6-8E2F-ABCC067AEAD1Parking is tough since it’s downtown, but once you find your spot you will be pleased you made the effort. 7DEF2833-8A5D-4610-9C61-AFC85B3307DFThe cafe has a high ceiling and whitewashed textured walls with wooden floors and wooden tables and chairs scattered throughout the space. I found a table next to a garage door that had been artfully fashioned into a window that could be raised like, you guessed it, a garage door. A573616D-8708-45DD-BE29-FA2D521935F0The menu looked tasty and had small bites and normal sized meals. I started with a cafe mocha which was good but not a stand out, a cherry chocolate chip cookie which was homemade, thick, but sort of bland except for the tasty little tart cherry pieces I picked out of it.F9C0D9B6-B7C1-4E92-9FBC-1969756AAA39 I went for the mushroom tartine which was vegetarian (I’m not but I’m not opposed to eating my veggies). It had sautéed mushrooms, spinach with beetroot hummus, goat cheese, almond dukkah (no idea what that is) and a poached egg on sourdough bread. A54A772D-039A-4693-95F7-BECA4C124591The flavors were absolutely fantastic. It was tangy from the goat cheese, with a bit of sour, a bit of sweet, and a lot of fabulous. I was extremely happy with my meal and my friend has just moved one place higher up on the friend list for such a stellar recommendation.

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