KAIHOLO CAFE – Get some breakfast and the aloha spirit on Okinawa

A901804B-D722-4B7D-AA8F-9688AFD9C063Kaiholo Cafe’s motto is “Good Morning Foods & Pet Friendly!!” It is one of my favorite Onna breakfast spots. They serve excellent pancakes in flavors from Macadamia to coconut to chocolate chip etc. AND you can add extra toppings (like the ice cream I added to my coconut pancakes) for only 100 yen. With the coconut whipped cream and ice cream it tasted scrumptious – a bit like creamy marshmallow topping (though I have a good imagination so you may wonder what the heck I’m talking about when you try it). 27820219-6728-4735-A00E-9518EB207B46Their cafe mocha is excellent (hard for me to find places that serve a good mocha on island). The theme is Hawaiian and the place has two small rooms one with 2 tables and the other with 3 or 4 tables.

CC0C1B7C-9F04-42F1-AF13-066ACC542740Dogs are allowed and when I tried to bring my Rottweiler years ago they said she needed “curtesy pants” which after some back and forth I learned meant doggy diaper. I didn’t have any at the time so didn’t get to come in. This time I came prepared with curtesy pants but put them in my purse so that I didn’t needlessly put the humiliation pants (how my dog Pickles refers to the diapers). She’s MUCH smaller than my Rottweiler and they didn’t bat an eye and didn’t ask her to put on “pants’. They also brought her a little bowl of water that looked like a teddy bear face. She’s kind of an adorable weirdo and doesn’t like to drink water out of unfamiliar bowls (she’s even iffy about drinking out of her own. travel bowl) so she didn’t touch it until we were about to leave and finally realized she was parched so deigned to drink out of a “strange” bowl.44CA4FBC-5E11-4802-89C4-BCFFC06B722D

The owners/waitstaff are friendly and quick to get your order (but you do have to catch their attention – once you do they come right over). The food came out quickly and it was simply delicious. 773847D4-F14C-46AF-8F73-EBF23D0035A8Items on the menu include Açaí Bowl for 800 yen, Pitaya Bowl for 700 yen, smoothies from 500-600 yen, waffles (original, strawberry & whipped cream, Seasonal fruit, Haupia – otherwise known as coconut, banana & chocolate, and peanut butter) range from 500-900 yen. They also serve Omelettes that come with 2 original pancakes or ½ original waffle for 700-900 yen. You can also get extra toppings with these for 100 yen and you can get the 200 yen add on for a drink to be included.. They have sandwiches with French fries (BLT, Ham & Egg, Fish, Crispy Chicken) all for 700-800 yen. They have a category called “Muffin”and I’m guessing they mean English muffins since they offer both eggs Benedict and bacon eggs chili muffin (800-900 yen). The side menu is 500 yen for anything listed and includes fried potatoes (French fries), garlic potato, chili & cheese potato, fish & chips, chicken nuggets, crispy chicken, Macaroni & cheese. Extra toppings are 100 yen and it seems as though you can add them to anything you want – your pancakes, waffles, omlettes, sandwiches, etc. (ice cream, whipped cream, Hawaiian honey, 100% pure maple syrup, chocolate, caramel, bacon, sausage, spam, eggs, chili). Yummy – I think I’ll have maple syrup on my eggs Benedict… LOL. Add a drink to any of the meals for just 200 yen.

DD63A207-C4AA-4B2B-8E4A-695131BE51CEThere’s a list of the usual coffees you’d expect to find on a breakfast menu as well as honey latte and cold pearl latte (350-400 yen each). Teas include regular, honey milk tea, or cold berry apple tea (350-400 yen). There are some fruity sodas (berry, pineapple, mango, or lilikoi) for 350 yen, several kinds of juices (300-350 yen) and beer to include either Hawaiian beer or Orion beer (800 & 400 yen respectively)

The total for a cafe mocha and Hawaiian pancakes with an added scoop of ice cream (as you my have gleaned from my previous posts I’m a sweetaholic and tend to eat dessert for breakfast) was 1300 yen and I could only eat 3 of the 5 pancakes (and that was pushing it). The coconut sauce was sweet and yummy and they sprinkled shredded coconut over the pancakes as well. Money well spent and because I could bring my dog I was over the moon about the place.6A429982-D245-44B7-BB86-EFE5CCA1CD06 They have a little fluffy dachshund (Hana) who wanders around the restaurant pleading for food (despite all the signs CLEARLY saying please don’t feed her since she was dying from food allergies – obviously Hana cannot read so is oblivious to the fact that she is not supposed to be eating people food. D79B56F5-DF17-4F88-BE27-E4032B77F4DEPeople seem to be quite good at resisting her adorable pleading (the idea that you might kill her if you feed her probably helps). Their other dog is a sweet and shy old Shelty named Aki and only comes out when beckoned by his owner.F82B0D17-F55B-46A0-9284-F7B26D11AF2E

This sweet little Hawaiian breakfast spot is always on my “must do” list when I go to Onna. Plus it doesn’t hurt that it is only a few Kilometers away from dog friendly Mission Beach!

07DA186C-9AD3-40F5-84CD-57AD61EEA733HOURS: 7:00 am – 5:00 pm and they seem to be open daily
(their card says “closed: irregular”)

6978-1-2F Onna, Onna-son Kunigami-Gun-gun, Okinawa, 904-0411, Japan.
Phone # 098-955-2597
Website: http://www.kaiholocafe.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/KaiholoCafe

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