Mi Casa Es Su Casa at Coffee Casa

I found this little gem a number of years ago and re-discover it again every few years. The only reason I don’t frequent it more often is because it fills up fast if you get there during prime breakfast hours on weekends and there is generally a 30 min or more wait to get your food (everything is prepared fresh and there isn’t enough room in the kitchen and behind the counter for more than a small number of staff members). A3C04EE9-D60B-4B3D-94CE-C19E1BB694B4By the time I decide where I want to eat breakfast I’m usually too hungry to wait in line and then wait for food (as delicious as it is, patience is not generally one of my strengths – especially when my tummy is growling). I was wandering along the Tsunabi Sea Wall with Pickles (not the food, my dog) and searching for a dog friendly breakfast place when I suddenly remembered Coffee Casa.82B5286A-6398-4070-B2F3-0FA24A97E8E3.jpegMy stomach wasn’t growling too loud so, despite the fact that it was 0830 on a Saturday morning (the equivalent to morning rush hour at Coffee Casa), I knew I could handle whatever kind of wait time they threw at me – so today was re-discovery day! B019DC5E-9B18-42D1-B1ED-8A0E8C5509CFThe food is delicious and portions are Japanese size and to me that’s just right (if you are expecting Denny’s sized portions you will be seriously disappointed – but think of all the weight you’ll lose if you start eating normal sized portions again) and the menu is varied enough to appeal to pretty much everyone in your group. Their coffee is delicious and includes the usual suspects as well as banana mocha, almond mocha, coconut latte, and something’s called “SPAZ” which is 4 shots of espresso with chocolate and hazel and is guaranteed to make you spaz out – if not from the delightful taste then definitely from the amount of caffeine… Being more of a traditionalist and a little too sensitive to caffeine to risk the SPAZ, I instead went with my usual cafe mocha. 889DFF2E-141F-445B-A255-E6B43DB5F31FI usually get it hot but the sun was blazing and I was sitting on the porch with no shade so instead went for iced. It came out looking like a milkshake and tasted like chocolate + coffee + heaven. The fancy coffee drinks range from 440 yen to 650 yen for the large sizes (yes, that 650 is for the SPAZ) and you can do add ons like shots of espresso for only 50 yen (because obviously having only 4 shots of espresso is for sissies) 5574A7EA-C9C7-4C49-9024-BF58762ABB41or another shot of syrup (vanilla, caramel, almond, banana, coconut, or chocolate) for 50 yen, a shot of soy for 50 yen (I haven’t quite figured out why I would want a shot of soy but hey I’m sure there’s someone out there jonesing for just one more shot of soy), or if you are living large (and want to get larger) a scoop of ice cream for 100 yen. I just noticed that they have a coffee dessert called Afogato for 300 yen (1 shot of espresso poured over vanilla ice cream). Yum. My dance card was full this time so it’s on my to do next time list. There were drip coffees and you can choose from Mocha French, Brazil, or the monthly special.

If you still haven’t had your fill of ice cream they have coffee base smoothies of varying flavors for 500 yen. They have a list of teas (including Chai tea latte) for 380-480 yen. Oh but wait, if you want MORE ice cream you can go for a fruit smoothie (380-580 yen) with flavors like coconut pineapple, 3 berry banana, and mango pineapple though on the menu it is spelled “painapple” which is a description of the pain you will be in if you keep ordering ice cream despite the fact that you are lactose intolerant. If you just want a simple damn shake stop griping and order one (vanilla, mango, chocolate banana, or green tea) for 540 yen.

Now that your thirst has been quenched, on to the food! Breakfast plates come with 2 scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, or spam (a perennial Japanese favorite). Toast plates are 650-700 yen (butter toast, apple custard, cheese toast, blueberry cream toast). AA86DEC1-5E92-4703-A4F3-436FB5860506The pancake plates are 750 yen (plain with butter, blueberry, or banana), French toast plates come with banana, blueberry, and whip cream. 10A9A3B3-EA7B-4A5C-BF4C-49DED4E0960BMy all time favorite is their bagel plate (or Bagle if you are reading directly from the menu – look stop bitching about the spelling and just be grateful they have an English menu). The bagel plate comes with cream cheese or butter or their very own sun-dried tomato spread (HEAVENLY) and being the little piglet that I am I go over the top and order the sun-dried tomato AND the cream cheese (and when I’m feeling REALLY wild I get all three – yes, I am the occasional high roller). Bagel plate will NOT be pictured here because although it is the most beautiful thing my taste buds have had the good luck to sample here it is the least beautiful thing on the menu. No amount of photo shopping could fix that. Trust me I tried. They have a breakfast burrito which I have had on past occasions and give a two thumbs up. The burrito is 700 yen and has 2 eggs, spicy sausage, cheese, hash browns, and homemade salsa all rolled up in an 11 inch tortilla. BF8211B5-7B16-4104-B2D2-46CF426D378F
If you are not all that hungry because you ate before you got there since you knew there would be a wait (smart person – remind me to make friends with you), or you’re one of those odd blokes who isn’t hungry in the morning, or you’re on a date and want to pretend that you have a tiny little appetite (before going home and polishing off half a chocolate cake), or you’ve scrounged up all the yen from your car and couch cushions and have less than 500 yen, then go ahead and order the “lite breakfast” – either a lite plate (1 scrambled egg, 2 small pieces of bacon, sausage, or spam and your choice of their homemade bread or small butter toast), or a Focaccia Brekky Pizza (with bacon, sliced boiled egg and cheese with their homemade pizza sauce). I can vouch for the Focaccia Brekky Pizza – it is something I order on the side when I’m feeling particularly gluttonous or order with a bunch of sides to make it a full size meal. Another lite breakfast is the Casa Set which is advertised as a no carbohydrate plate yet has hash browns (being a high carb kind of girl I think this may be the only version of a low carb diet I could actually do) 2 eggs, bacon, sausage, or spam. The last option for you 500 yen and under crowd is a granola bowl with milk. B6A6738D-73B1-4C31-80D7-53EF33834EA8
The lunch items on their menu include hot and cold sandwiches from 500-700 yen (to include a potato salad sandwich… carbs + carbs? Sign me up), a Casa’s chicken sandwich on chapati Indian bread (it sounds seriously delicious and this is also on my must order next time list) AND you can add the Casa’s homemade sun-dried tomato spread for only 50 yen more – DO IT!!! There is a homemade soup set with potato salad and Casa’s homemade bread, small butter toast, or focaccia bread. Naan pizza is 700 yen and you can choose from Hawaiian or tomato and mozzarella.

If you need more food and are trying to work back up to those Denny’s sized portions, you are in luck because they have 11 possible sides you can add to any and/or all of the choices above and these range from 50 yen for cheese, 150 yen for hash browns, to 350 yen for yogurt with fruit.

There is also a kids menu with a no caffeine drink list (though feel free to order your toddler a SPAZ if you want to stay busy for the rest of the day and burn off all those breakfast calories chasing him/her around). Finally they have some very tasty looking homemade breakfast cakes/breads (today was orange-berry, blueberry coffee cake, and cinnamon walnut bread).6F42B2BE-27FD-4745-B634-EE157194BFAA If you want to be the cool person at your office potluck with the most amazing homemade bread/cake then if you order 5 days in advance you can choose from lemon coconut bread, banana bread, orange & berry bread (each is 1800 yen), or blueberry coffee cake (3080 yen – because YES it’s worth it!). No one is going to know if you try to pass it off as your own… Ethical schmethical. Unless of course they are a Coffee Casa fan, then I’m afraid your cover is blown Betty Crocker.

They have a wooden deck out front with 3 tables (1 seats 3 people, 1 seats 4 and the other seats 2 people). 512306DF-543F-4D7A-AE9A-DFC1AFD208A8This is the dog friendly area of the cafe and you can almost always find at least 1 or 2 dogs lounging about with their humans. The cafe has a couple plastic bowls at the ready for just such occasions and since Pickles tends to BYOB (bring your own bowl) for water, I used the extra bowl to serve her scrambled eggs to her (she isn’t called Princess Pickles for nothing…).E8291473-C85C-451D-829E-9BE0F1D8820D
Inside the restaurant has wooden floors, tables, and chairs and concrete and brick walls decorated with colorful paintings and other art that may or may not be for sale (and if it’s not if you offer them enough they are bound to eventually cave in and let you take it home).96B0A3A2-D2B0-4D6A-ADEF-404E013C4C85 There is a short row of movie theater seats at the entrance so that you can sit and wait for your table and watch people ordering at the counter and pretend you are watching the slowest action movie ever. There are about 6 tables inside so, as I mentioned at the beginning of this post, the place fills up fast during prime breakfast hours on weekends. 982A0F9A-604A-49D8-BD61-30800DD8B165
Parking is at a premium in this area so it may take some searching if their lot is already full. Do NOT park in front of any of the homes outside or you will be interrupted midway through breakfast and asked to move. They have a sign just inside the cafe explaining where not to park so you can run outside and call a do-over before one of the rightfully grumpy neighbors comes over to complain that yet ANOTHER customer has parked in front of their house. EBBF7756-5E76-46E8-B4DE-758F540A93C9

The hours for Casa Coffee are 0700 – 1700 and they are closed Tuesday.
Address: 〒904-0113 沖縄県Nakagami-gun, 北谷Miyagi, 3-51宮城
Phone: 098-936-8141

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