Same Same but Different…

I was sooooo in love with Jelly U Cafe that when my sister, brother-in-law, and mother came to hang out with me for the last few days of my visit to Denver I excitedly ranted and raved about the place and then suggested we go to the sister cafe named Jelly Cafe. 09EA2DA1-39B7-4911-96A6-A92D84783B63After all, this way I could try both and could still say I went to two different restaurants (thus adding to my list, yet getting to enjoy virtually the same food). As it turned out these were two totally different restaurants. On the surface they appeared similar. The cereal box art on the walls, the retro vinyl counter stools, the menu were all the same. The similarities however turned out to be only skin deep. D9E50D30-C524-4C22-AD74-240C93B4AE57

The Jelly Cafe was in a different part of town and was similar inside to the Jelly U but a tad different. The waiters and waitresses seemed a bit more hipster at the Jelly Cafe with wilder hair colors and more tats. Because they were such a hit with the friends I’d brought them to last time, I quickly ordered up some donut holes for the table. the lemon filled donut holes 3 out of the 4 of us ordered were actually not filled but were glazed with lemon. Odd since I’m pretty sure the ones from Jelly U were actually filled with lemon instead of just rolled around in it. They were okay but a tad disappointing. Our orders came out without much wait and I am sad to say that they deliciousness factor was far below that of the Jelly U cafe’s deliciousness factor. I ordered the tart cherry and chocolate covered pancakes which from the description any reasonable person would realize that these would be insanely tooth rottingly sweet. Well they were that and then some, but despite the sweetness, the flavor was lacking. 37F02053-4B39-45D3-A7C9-0B17123152C6Luckily I ordered only one and was able to beg a few bites of the other entrees from each of my family members who took pity on the sad look on my face after I took my first bite of the pancake. The other entrees were okay, but none were remarkable or even memorably delicious. 828BDB55-35E1-4F7B-9475-2C58D6246D54It was just breakfast. The price was also pretty high for an unremarkable breakfast.A3CBD5C4-5A82-4B16-8712-7AF8EDFACD1B I won’t be going back to Jelly Cafe EVER but Jelly U still has a place in my heart and is high on my list of favorites in Denver.

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