Sassafras American Eatery – the Holy Grail of Breakfast Restaurants

We almost didn’t end up going here because I’m not a huge fan of southern food and I didn’t know what a southern breakfast was other than biscuits and gravy, of which I am not a fan. Luckily I didn’t listen to my oh so hungry gut with an attitude and instead listened to the reviewers and my love of beignets which I found on the on-line menu. I hate to think of the hole that would’ve been left in my life without me even realizing it if I’d skipped the Sassafras American Eatery. 8D7185CC-C4B4-4CBA-8992-26899FEEFA2BThere are a couple locations and the one we went to was in Jefferson Park. It just looks like someone’s house with some outdoor seating and people milling about (the giveaway this is not grandma’s house is that there’s a huge sign that says Sassafras in the front yard). D17CFEE1-5794-4203-B07C-47C092FBD1B1We were told there’d be a 45 minute wait so wandered over to the grocery store nearby and promptly got a text saying our table was ready (less than 20 minutes after we’d checked in). We ran back to the restaurant giddy with stomachs rumbling and ready for a feast. We started with beignets and I’ve only had the ones from Cafe Du Monde so I have no idea what they taste like from any other place. 61DA7E09-D05D-46FA-A9E5-C8AF80C8C4ABThey were good, quite tasty in fact, but they fell a bit short of the world famous beignets in New Orleans. Not to worry though, what came next was better than anything I could’ve even imagined (and I’m quite imaginative). I ordered the Fried Green Tomato Benedict with jalapeño cornbread and a side of potato casserole (wow!). F4427396-28E7-4182-8379-1259B161FE83my sister ordered the pimento chicken biscuit with eggs sunny side up 4D03F3B4-85BC-4802-B97F-EE5503C6AA87and my mom ordered creamed spinach and artichoke, scallion grit fries, fried oysters, sunny side up egg, cracked pepper and goat cheese grits.9CDFA805-D634-4521-BD6C-9B6C6ED1EC9E My brother in law won the breakfast lottery by a landslide. He ordered something from the grits section described as local beef brisket braised in spicy tomato ragout also with collard greens with pork and goat cheese grits which I thought sounded unpleasant at best (except for the goat cheese – always a fan of that) but which instead turned out to be the winner that morning for best breakfast. The meat was tender and the seasoning was scrumptious. Even the kale tasted good and I’m generally not a fan of that veggie.4016710E-8342-47AB-B9FB-53D43D5F0179 We all happily stuffed our faces barely taking time to talk between mouthfuls and thoroughly enjoying the meal. We traded bites and as I said, the vote for best meal was my brother in law’s braised beef and grits, by a landslide. Sated with tummies full we all leaned back and began our praise-fest for the restaurant. 76A8CD05-865B-4A18-9593-C65C794965A5I couldn’t help but notice, despite my already full and happy belly, there were some phenomenal looking desserts including really yummy and different flavored milkshakes (Capt’n Crunch, Banana Cream Pie, or Orange Dreamsicle milkshake anyone?) as well as a butter gooey cake. I decided that since this would likely be my last chance at this restaurant that we could all find some space in our bellies for a bite or two of the cake. It was even more magnificent than I could’ve hoped for. It looked innocuous enough but it had super powers and knocked our socks off (you can check, they are probably still there under the table). 4B4E56A7-3F0E-448B-8C24-626F5F781AD4Sassafras American Eatery was my absolute favorite restaurant in Denver (and that includes some pretty great dinner places too). My search for the holy grail in Denver was now complete…

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